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Jamie Frost MRSS / Events / Wed 07 Aug to Wed 09 Oct 2019 (2 months)

Drawing and painting class (Wednesday afternoon)

Drawing and painting class (Wednesday afternoon)

This class is a very practical and skills-based session. You can expect to learn about the various aspects of image making- perspective, tone, colour, mark making, composition and other formal elements. You’ll gain the skills to deal with a variety of subject matter, and to understand how to choose the most relevant method of working for you and the subject.

Subjects covered include colour application, under-painting, blocking in, light values, reflected colour and blending and detailing techniques. at the core of all of this is drawing- a drawing is a way of finding out, of letting people know, of solving problems. Anything you do as an artist will be to do with drawing.

Classes run for ten week ‘terms’

Refreshments and some materials are provided.

For more information visit https://www.bookwhen.com/jamiefroststudio

Event Location

Sculpture Lounge Studios

Bank lane,

Telephone: 07842 111 688
Email: jamiefrost@me.com
Website: https://www.bookwhen.com/jamiefroststudio

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