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Stay Safe

Stay Safe

In the painting, my nine year old Jasper uses chalk spray paint which will wash off on a disused bridge.
Before this pandemic my mind and my work were elsewhere.
For the first three/four weeks of lockdown I creatively felt lost, my mind dominated by anxiety and fear. As the weeks passed I learned to appreciate the hear and now. The everyday experiences.

I have really enjoyed the quality time that I have had with my children. Together we have been exploring the areas within walking/bike riding distance of our house that are often overlooked by us/others. These 'edgelands,' are on the fringes of urban areas where nature is trying to take back its stronghold. Only human interference will stop the brambles, ivy and other wildlife completely reclaiming this disused bridge. Only human repair will stop the weather erosion.
I am interested in how the natural world survives on the fringes within our societies. Pushed/held back. Controlled.
Nature can be cruel. This is not the first pandemic to sweep through the population. It is natures way to test for the strongest in any population. Any species. Survival of the fittest. As humans we are able to build vaccinations to protect ourselves from the ravages of disease. We are able to make every one of us stronger. We hold back the tide. We are like this bridge, under constant repair and maintenance.
The rainbow represents hope, it has now become a symbol of staying home and staying safe, of a thank you to the NHS staff who are on the frontline working tirelessly to help people through this pandemic.

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