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My practice is based around my encounters of the urban environment. My fascination of the beauty that erosion, decay and weathering bring to the surfaces of the landscape is a starting point for my work. I am physically attracted to the effect that natural elements, human interference and time have on architectural structures within the landscape. I appreciate nothing more than coming across a segment of the land that has accidentally, naturally or on purpose been eroded, chipped, flaked, ripped or faded over a period. I attempt to recreate these surfaces with varied processes, freezing my discoveries and making people more perceptually aware of their most intimate everyday surroundings. I use casting as a way of creating a dialogue between materiality, environment and mark. I cast my intaglio plates with resources found directly from the source of inspiration. This allows me to capture the pure essence of a location and find new meanings and relationships between surface and mark. By doing this I am exploring the multi-layered histories of cities and the urban environment, focusing on the trace and residue of what or who could have been there before me.

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