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JJ's Arts Academy / Events / Mon 12 to Thu 15 Aug 2019 (4 days)

Grade Five Music Theory Bootcamp

Grade Five Music Theory Bootcamp

Earn a GCSE this Summer!

The LCM Grade 5 Popular Music Theory Bootcamp is a 4 day workshop held at JJ's Arts Academy. Grade 5 is equivalent to a GCSE and supports GCSE, BTEC and A Level Music courses.

Monday 12th - Thursday 15th August 10-4pm. Attendance to all four days is compulsory.

The Grade 5 Theory Bootcamp covers the following subjects:

Reading and writing pitch notation – scales, keys, chords and intervals (all treble clef)
Reading and writing rhythmic notation
Basic knowledge of performers, instruments and different genres of contemporary popular music.
Harmonies and Writing chord progressions
Transposing chord sequences

During the Music Theory Bootcamp students will:

Receive the Grade 5 Theory Workbook
Complete at least 100 worksheets
Play interactive games to increase theory knowledge
Research contemporary artists and writers
Complete a MOCK Grade 5 paper at the end of the final day

After attending the course, it is essential that one practice paper a week is completed INCLUDING the essay requirement. This will take around one hour and is to be completed at home, then handed into reception at JJ's Arts Academy to be marked and returned with feedback.

Entry Requirements;

It is essential that students are of Grade 3 Theory Level before attending the Grade 5 Bootcamp. Therefore, the following entry requirements are to followed;

A) Students must have achieved Grade Three Theory


B) See Joanna for a quick assessment to ensure that reading and understanding is of the required level before starting the course. This is free of charge. Please contact JJ’s to organise.

Please be advised that JJ's has to be firm with the entrance requirements as this is a comprehensive course and one that requires commitment from the student as we are covering a GCSE Level in four days of tuition.

The exam will be on Saturday 20th November 10am. The exam takes between 60 – 90 mins to complete. The date and time are non-negotiable as the whole country sits the exam at the same time.

This is a fully accredited course and the theory course goes all the way to Grade 8 - Grade 8 is equivalent to an A Level. We have found that students who study this in line with their musical instrument lessons, gain a deeper understanding of music and learn to sight read, improvise and practice their pieces more effectively.

Total Cost: £218 (4 day bootcamp £130,Resources £50 textbook and passpapers,Gr5 exam fee £38)
Deposit: £50
Eligibility: Gr3 theory paper completed OR completed assessment with Joanna
Places: 8 available
Venue: JJ's Arts Academy

Students do not need to attend instrumental lessons at JJ’s Arts Academy to take this course.

Places are given on a first come, first serve basis.
For more information or to apply then please message us or by phone on 01626 332 286

For more information visit

Event Location

JJ's Arts Academy

11 St Pauls Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 2HP

Telephone: 01626 332 286