Joe Copplestone

Joe Copplestone Journalist and Music Producer

Over the past 3 years, I have worked steadily as a songwriter and producer with 3 different singers in London and have been involved with songwriting and creative direction with Midlands music production company Dusted Productions ( I frequently work as a team of creatives on collaborative projects, and have made a variety of different contacts within the music industry, in areas such as legal, promotion and session musicians. Our successes involve plays on BBC Radio, artists touring the UK and collaboration interest from various upcoming artists in the UK.

I am also a freelance music journalist, involved in creating content and interviewing artists for various print publications, online magazines and blogs. I also keep my own new music blog (, which I update 2-5 times weekly and receives 1500+ views every month. I am also the official blogger for Brighton based music festival Shakedown, where I post weekly content to create hype and excitement surrounding the festival. I am also involved in promoting the festival on Twitter and Facebook to push ticket sales.

I have experience of working at a London copywriting agency, Barnaby Benson, at a local newspaper, Banbury Guardian and at music magazine NME. These work experiences have taught me to be more focused and structured in my writing, as well as teaching me skills such as pitch writing, brand analyzing, proof reading and fact checking. I also have customer service, sales and merchandising experience from my time at music retailer HMV.

In both my personal and professional life I am an enthusiastic, creative and frequent user of online social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, Instagram and Tumblr. I also have experience with audio and video editing and Microsoft Word.

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