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Arethusa at Carrick Roads - Water Colour

Arethusa at Carrick Roads - Water Colour

'Arethusa at Carrick Roads'

HMS Arethusa was a 38-gun Minerva-class fifth-rate frigate of the Royal Navy built at Bristol in 1781.

The Arethusa lay in Carrick Roads at anchor in showery weather, awaiting the latest instalment of prize money, the Admiralty were bringing this aboard themselves, Captain Edward Pellew had told the crew 2 days earlier and received 3 cheers. The 19th November 1795 was very timely before Christmas for the crew as they breathed the air of their beloved Cornwall – known as “Harry Thusers” they were made up from Cornish miners that had shaped up well as sailors and stayed with Pellew through many commands and formed the hub of his faithful crew, the next command was about to be the “Indefatiguable” a Razee frigate that would need extra crew, so the Cornish tribe were to become more diverse.

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