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Hi, I paint, design stuff, look after my cats, walk, listen to music, read, listen to radio 4..... but I dont do all of them simultaneously... though I am a woman, so mulit-tasking is supposed to be second nature!

Most of the time I paint still lifes, landscapes and life studies, sometimes I work in oil pastels as beginnings to paintings and these end up running on their own, and sometimes I work in charcoal. I also like to workj with photography, taking photos, painting, then photgraphing the painting, and so it goes....Sometimes I paint in large scale as Trompe L'oeils and murals.... in fact this was my first area of direct contact with paint, the "finer" side led from this many years later, and after a full time career in textile design... I sound very old, but I'm not really.....

I also, as I said, after many years in a world wide textile design business, design interiors, and gardens.... To me the links are clear - I am involved with and love the balance of line, tone, texture. pattern, form, proportion and colour...... It all links. There are technical learning curves but the picture hangs together when all the above are applied, and I love the group challenge. I also love the way it works together in our lives. Gardens which work with interiors which are filled with art we love.... to me it makes a complete picture, about us and what we like, and that is what I love to work with.

I (try) and sell my wares on-line, to friends and at exhibition events - I also write a blog, (at the mo, I am rekindling my blog as I let this slip this Autumn), I Tweet.... aaarrgh!... and I have a Facebook account. I am on Linked-in and various art collecting group sites.... does anyone else have success in marketing in this way? I also have a web site - so I am trying to "expose" my work and feel my way around.... Today I sold 3 giclee prints at a gallery, so its not all bad news!

View my website http://www.karinmoorhousedesign.com/

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