Kate Davies Graphic Artist

Kate is a graphic artist working mostly in acrylics, although she has been known to use oil pastels, charcoal, HB pencils, good old pen and ink, and even biro. She began training as a graphic designer, but soon realised that she was less interested in following an advertising brief than was strictly appropriate for a would-be commercial artist. Since then she has developed her own work, and is fascinated by light and shade - and in particular, light and shade on stonework. (She would probably have become a stonemason, had the socio-political conditions been right in the 1980s. )

She is exhibiting at the Chelston Gallery, courtesy of Kevin Alexander, for a month from May 7th. She's also planning further exhibitions in 2010, and has one confirmed date in 2011.

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Hard Stone and Half Light / Fri 07 May to Fri 04 Jun 2010 (1 month)

Running from May 7th for a month, this exhibition explores both the presence, and absence of, strong light on stone and rock - whether it be natural, massive formations of cliffs and stacks, or the delicate carving of mo...