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Katheryn Eliane Hope / Events / Sun 03 Dec 2017



Wondering where your passion has gone?
Feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty?
Unsure of how to navigate turbulent time
It’s time to find the Fire in your Heart!

10am-4pm Sunday 3 December '17
£88 / Early Bird £77 by 26 November

Get ready to make 2018 the year you stepped up unequivocally to being you
Move into a soulful awakening to what is possible for your life
Explore your hearts desire through the insight of Colour and Astrology
Allow yourself confidence, clarity, and connection from a place within

‘Thank you so much for such a powerful day of shifts and reconnection. A unique combination of therapies that complement each other so beautifully’ (workshop participant)


During this wonderful workshop we will look at the planet Venus in your birth chart: it’s sign, house and aspects to consider what brings you joy and makes your heart sing. We will explore what may stand in the way of you fulfilling your desires and how to overcome challenges or resistance. Using the powerful practice of Resonance Repatterning in a group session your system will be ‘switched on’ and begin to resonate strongly with what you desire in life rather than ‘switched off’ because of sabotaging blueprints you have learned or inherited. The process will be supported by the Colour Mirrors colour healing system, exercises and guided meditation and you will discover how to take action to find the Fire in your Heart.

During the day you will:

Rediscover your sense of purpose
Release core limiting beliefs and resistance
Resonate with your life aims
Step forward on the path to your dreams
Experience fun and magic

The workshop will be held in East Devon and facilitated by Amanda Bradbury and Katheryn Hope. We’ve both been working in the personal growth field for over 20 years and are long-standing friends.

Amanda has a wealth of life experience to draw on that illuminates her deep understanding of Astrology and our soul’s journey. Her gift is being able to bring magic, light and inspiration into people’s lives with Colour and Astrology. To find out more please go to: www.amandabradbury.com

Katheryn is a woman with a passion for awakening the dormant seeds within our being that long for expression, she loves teaching always with the aim of empowering people towards fulfilling their passion and purpose, she is a mother of three and a writer. As a Wellbeing and Mindset Coach, Workshop Leader and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner she has over 20 years’ experience. She offers coaching and Resonance Repatterning 1:1 and in groups including women’s programs.

For more information visit http://www.theseedcoach.co.uk/rediscover-your-sense-of-purpos.asp

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