Laura Thomas Contemporary Art

Laura Thomas Contemporary Art Laura Thomas Contemporary Art

HELLO! I am a self employed artist with a Fine Art Degree (BA Hons) and now working in new studio space.The paintings are inspired from my Devonshire surroundings and the colours of the seasons become poignant in each art piece, each painting is different yet follows the same freehand and expressionistic style to capture the beauty of popular Devon hot spots.

Landscapes have been a focal theme throughout my exploration with oils, the combination allows me to paint in an automatic nature to create a contemporary finish. As I continue to paint landscapes my love for Devon and its hidden secrets become more apparent in each painting.

Every painting is expressive of my emotional response to scenes and views that trigger a specific memory or feeling.

I am considered a new artist and continue to paint and experiment throughout my collections.

If you are interested or have a query about my work then please do not hesitate to contact me on the contact information provided.

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