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Men & Girls Dance: Newspaper contributions wanted

Men & Girls Dance: Newspaper contributions wanted

In May and June, Lawrence Batley Theatre will be hosting performance company Fevered Sleep, who are performing their show Men & Girls Dance. In the show, five male professional dancers will be joined by nine 8-11 year old girls from Huddersfield who dance for fun.

As part of the project, they are publishing a Men & Girls Dance newspaper, and they would like to include pieces written by people who live and work in Huddersfield.
The Men & Girls Dance project is a celebration of normal, positive relationships between men and girls – relationships that are based on play, trust, care, protection and love. This newspaper is a response to most other newspapers, in which the reporting of the relationship between men and girls tends to be negative.

Fevered Sleep will be editing the newspaper, and so not everything that is submitted will be included, and they may want to edit any contributions that you write. If they want to make changes to what you’ve written, you’ll have a chance to see and approve their edit before it’s published.

You could write something very short or very long; something poetic or political or in everyday language. It can be very simple, or it can be very complex. It might use full sentences and grammar, or it might be a list or just some jottings. It’s entirely up to you.
Whatever you write will be brilliant.

If you would like to write something for this very special newspaper, which will be distributed for free across Huddersfield Laura Rodwell, Communications and Marketing Manager at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

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