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Lawrence Batley Theatre / Events / Fri 03 Dec 2021 to Sun 02 Jan 2022 (1 month)

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Ready, aim, fire! For our new pantomime Robin Hood coming to Huddersfield December 2021.

The townsfolk of Nottingham are trembling in their boots as the big bad Sheriff of Nottingham taxes them out of existence. Who can save them but Robin Hood… and a very sassy Maid Marion!

With jaw-dropping effects, a side-splitting script and more fun than you can shoot an arrow at, come and join Robin and all his Merry Men for the panto adventure of the year.

Following the success of Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin, Robin Hood is set to hit the mark with all the mischief and musical hilarity we come to expect from pantomime at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

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Lawrence Batley Theatre

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