I think the term for me is 'emerging artist' although I'm not quite sure what I'm emerging from! I'm a self-taught, abstract painter at the moment. Last year, I was working more in wire sculpture. Next year, who knows? Only a couple of exhibitions under my belt so far but there will be 2 more before the end of the year and I'll have some work in a new gallery in Yeovil later this month (We Make Things on Union Street if you fancy a look).

I live and create in Frome - I have a small studio in the flat I share with my partner and cat. I work largely intuitively and am process-driven in a quest to express aspects of myself and of what it is to be a person. Here, there's a clear connection with my other work as a counsellor/psychotherapist. I've always been interested in the inner, emotional life, the texture of a person and I think and hope this comes across in my art work.

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4 Westover Court
Critchill Road
BA11 4HH

Telephone: 07817 192 008
Email: le_vine@sky.com

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