liudprand Electronic music composer

My music is a blend of deephouse/techhouse, chilled jazz and melody, with the odd bit of experimental/minimal house, electronic type thing here and there.
I compose and produce all my own music as Liudprand.
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I have had album releases on several labels, including Klangscheiben and POOLtracks - (Berlin), Soblazn - (Ukraine) and Quarto Magico - Portugal/Madeira

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Telephone: 07564 213 606

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The Gravity Drive - Wildlight remixes / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2019-07-05T00:00:00Z">Fri 05 Jul 2019</span>The Gravity Drive - Wildlight remixes / Fri 05 Jul 2019

I recently made a remix of Wildlight by The Gravity Drive. They are a band from Bridport in Dorset. My remix is the 3rd on their album called, The Wildlight (Club Mixes)

New 4 track Album : Fernworthy / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2019-03-19T00:00:00Z">Tue 19 Mar 2019</span>New 4 track Album : Fernworthy / Tue 19 Mar 2019

My latest 4 track album called Fernworthy has just been released on the Canadian label Forests and Rivers. Each track is named after a river in Devon and the album title is named after Fernworthy Forest on Dartmoor. (I u...

A new EP by Liudprand / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2018-04-06T00:00:00Z">Fri 06 Apr 2018</span>A new EP by Liudprand / Fri 06 Apr 2018

On Thursday May the 3rd I will be releasing my new EP called - Unclench. It consists of three tracks written and produced by myself. I would describe them as a cacophony of random synthesizer bit...

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Polarium is one of the tunes from my compilation album called Rope Theory. It's an up tempo, deep tech, desk top digital, dance track. This was originally on my EP called Audio Shut In. https://liudprand.bandcamp....

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Lost RooksLost Rooks

I made this tune to go with the brill weather we have had recently. It's a summery, melodic, retro type of deep house style. -, or you may make a small contribution on Bandcam...

Dartington by LiudprandDartington by Liudprand

Dartington is the first track on my new album which is called Corner People. It's a mixed bag of micro house, glitchiness, minimal, deep tech beats and tunes suitable for travel, the dance flo' and just plain listening. ...

Dr HumerusDr Humerus

The brilliant Klangscheiben label has just released a fascinating digital album. The electronic “clickno” musician known as Dr Nojoke posted a music sample of him (Dr Nojoke), tapping a glass. Various music producers wer...