MusiVersity is a nine-month programme created to give young people aged 13 to 17 an insight into the wonderful world of music business using the following coaching methodology:

• SEE yourself as a professional by imagining it.
• BE that professional by taking planned action.
• LIVE the life you set out to accomplish with every action you take.
• LOVE the life you live!!

The MusiVersity team will take a true-to-life, hands-on approach by coaching young people aged 13-17 through the process of creating, launching and promoting an album. From time to time, special guests currently working in the industry will lead all or part of the classroom, providing students with direct access to people working within the industry today.

Meeting once a week for 10 weeks per term over three terms, the class will be structured using a mixture of interactive lectures and practical work, so students can expect to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in from Classroom One!

Ready? Let’s go!!

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