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Eyeview Volunteer

As part of Torbay's Great Place Scheme, throughout 2019, Eyeview will present a programme of cultural projects, events and happenings, working with artists and communities to offer fresh perspectives on the places and spaces that make Torbay unique - making visible the great culture and creativity here, drawing new audiences in, and into, the Bay.

We are looking for people to be involved as volunteers on Eyeview, to support a wide range of activities - across heritage research, arts administration, marketing, social media, educational activities, events support, evaluation and advocacy. You may be able to commit to working with us on a regular basis throughout the year, or to a more shorter more focused stretch of volunteering. We hope to match your skills, interests and capacity to an exciting volunteer role which is a rewarding, engaging and enjoyable experience for you.

Research volunteers will support the Eyeview team and artists working on the programme to uncover information about local history, people and places in Torbay. You will work closely on an artistic project with the creative production team; perhaps to find local people or groups who want to participate in making new work, or to uncover hidden histories of a street, building, or local characters. We are looking for a small team of research volunteers to work with us from Feb to June 2019 in the run up to our (Extra)ordinary programme in June. No prior knowledge or research experience is needed - just a keen interest in sleuthing and digging for information.

Grapevine volunteers will help spread the word about the Eyeview programme both online and in person through on the ground networks and conversations. In the run up to the (Extra)ordinary programme in June Grapevine will work closely with the Eyeview communications team to make sure people in Torbay know about and can enjoy the extraordinary cultural events that will be taking place throughout the Bay. We are looking for volunteers who can be part of the Grapevine team and advocate for the cultural programme throughout 2019. No prior knowledge or experience is needed just a love of arts and culture and a belief that everyone should have access to it. We will provide social media training and support.

Event volunteers will support the smooth running of the programme. This includes: administration and event planning working closely with the Eyeview production team in the run up to programme delivery; box office and stewarding support during programme delivery; documenting and gathering evaluation data and audience feedback. We are currently looking for Event volunteers to work with us from February in the run up to (Extra)ordinary programme in June. We are also looking for a team of stewards to work on (Extra)ordinary from 7-16 June providing audience support, stewarding and advocating for the wider programme with the public out at sites where cultural events will be happening. No prior knowledge or experience is needed - just an interest in working with people and a practical approach. Training in health & safety and working with the public will be given.

If you are interested in getting involved with Eyeview as a cultural volunteer please contact Producer Mair George ( for further details.

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