Malcolm Beaumont

Malcolm Beaumont Landscape Photographer

In 2007 I started creating a library of photos of the Huddersfield area — in particular, the upper Colne Valley, where I now live.

I produce greeting cards that feature my photos.

The photos are also available to businesses to use in their publications.

In the portfolio above, I have included photos that show the beauty and character of the area where I grew up and returned to in 1999. The first 2 photos were easy choices — Huddersfield's station and Castle Hill. The other choices were more difficult; to give me a starting point I listed what, for me at least, are the features of the upper Colne Valley and its surrounds:

• wonderful views
• local stone: buildings, dry-stone walls, rock faces, boulders
• water: a river, a canal, streams, reservoirs
• skies: often interesting and sometimes spectacular
• villages: Slaithwaite and Marsden in the valley bottom, Golcar clinging to the
valley side, and Scapegoat Hill perched above them all. Plus many more.
• hilly terrain: I certainly missed hills when I lived in Northamptonshire and Sussex

When the buildings and the landscape combine with the ever-changing light and the different seasons, there are endless opportunities to see unique moments of beauty and simplicity. And to capture them with a camera.

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