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Malcolm Law Ceramics Figurative Ceramics

My work is exhibited at The Devon Guild of Craftsmen - Bovey Tracey and the National Trust Cotehele Gallery.

My themes are based on life, often including mythological and historical figures in anachronistic situations. As I am based in Torquay with a wonderful view of Lyme Bay from my pottery window nautical themes including Neptune and Britannia are frequently used as central figures. Neptune, or Poseidon if you prefer, may not be proficient on the piano but if he was, would Britannia have accompanied him on her mandolin? And wouldn’t the sea water play havoc with the tuning? Many of the figurative ceramic pieces contain a timepiece in the composition – the time .... four o’clock – tea time of course!
Recent work includes commemorative work inspired by "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" or Shakesspeare's 400th anniversary.

Most of my work is “one-off” although themes may be revisited with the same players but interpreted differently. The work is hand built using slabbing, coiling and modelling techniques. I work with "T" Material - underglaze is used to colour the white work and black iron oxide and manganese oxide are used to detail the others. All work is biscuit fired to 1000°C, and fired to stoneware at 1240°C in an electric kiln. Gold and platinum lustres are applied to pick out points of detail which then requires a third firing to 740°C.

I am a Member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

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