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Mary Crabb

Mary Crabb / Events / Thu 07 Dec 2017

Plaited Paper Basket Workshop

Plaited Paper Basket Workshop

Work with Mary to combine the use of paper with the basketry technique of plaiting, to make your own unique basket. Suitable for all, Mary will provide individual support and instructions in the technique so no previous experience is required. Start the workshop by creating a large patterned sheet of paper using mark making techniques with ink and willow rod, with the addition of colour using acrylic paints if desired. This will later be cut into strips to provide weaving material for a basket.
Learn the technique of simple plaiting using pre-prepared strips to create a check-weave pattern, weaving over one and under one. Start by weaving flat, then find out how to make corners, turn and weave diagonally on the sides of the basket before folding and weaving away the ends to make a decorative border. Follow on by using the patterned strips to weave a personalised basket. The size of this basket will be defined by the number of strips used but could be large enough for storing art materials or small enough for paper clips. Depending on the size, left over strips can be used for further making, so you could go home with two or more baskets!

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Steyning, West Sussex


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