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Matthew Ford / Opportunities / Wed 22 May 2013

Male actor needed for rehearsed reading for Ignite Festival 2013

Male actor needed for rehearsed reading for Ignite Festival 2013

I am looking for an extra actor to be part of a rehearsed reading performance at Exeter's Ignite Festival on Thursday 6th June, 19:00 at The Globe Inn.

A Second Chance is an original drama, influenced by the writers of classic ghost stories, such as M.R. James, Charles Dickens and Susan Hill. The traditions are all there: a derelict, isolated building, brooding atmosphere, and ghostly screams, but there is warmth and humour alongside the horror.

Gareth is a bouncer, expecting to be working the opening night of a club. Instead he finds himself at a children’s hospital, abandoned decades ago. Inside he meets an old man, Roy Culleton. Roy has asked Gareth here, not as a nightclub bouncer, but because he wants to perform a séance, and he wants Gareth to stand guard.

The most stressful thing Gareth expects to deal with is boredom, but as the hours pass he fears that Roy’s plan may have worked, that the history within the hospital’s crumbling walls, as well as Gareth’s past, has returned to haunt him.

The actor will be male, age between early twenties to mid-forties, able to give up their time during the day at weekends for rehearsals.

Unfortunately I cannot pay you for your time, but I can pay for expenses, as well as drinks after the performance to say thank you.

Please contact Matthew Ford at if you are interested.

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