Meadwaymosaics. Etching workshop.

My mosaic/ etching workshop is run as a non profit making hobby as all l ask for is a donation towards heating,lighting and materials etc which l believe is the only mosaic/etching workshop of its type in the country.
I got into mosaic art some ten years ago and on looking for classes to learn the art l was unable to find any so l thought to myself that if l could'nt find classes then nobody else could so l decided to teach my self and then put out the offer to the general public that if they wanted to learn then my workshop was on offer and since then l have had in the region of 300 students from children to eighty year olds
I am a 72 year old OAP and l like to treat people the way they l like to be treated myself and my workshop has become very popular,so much so that l have had to have a waiting list as l don't wish to work every day of the week.

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