Michaela Wetton studied the first two years of her degree in Integrated Crafts at South Devon College. She started to work with non-precious materials and found that Acrylic appealed to her the most because of the optical qualities and flashes of colour that can be produced when laminating fabrics, cottons and foil between Acrylic. The Jewellery she created in the second year of her degree was a collection of one- off sculptural pieces that showed off her creativity when using Acrylic. She had an interest in the illusion of creating precious aesthetic from less expensive materials.

Michaela continued to explore the process of laminating at Truro College where she completed the third year of her degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery. For her third year she created a collection of necklaces that showed off the vibrant glistening effects of laminated Acrylic. Michaela continues to make her Acrylic Jewellery and aims to have a studio or shop where she can make and sell her precious pieces of Jewellery.

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