Mike Pailthorpe

Mike Pailthorpe making music and helping people make music.

I've been paying my mortgage from music related work since 1990.

My activities include:

In the studio: music composition to/for picture/for commercial release, recording vocalists, production, programming, mixing, and recently; doing voiceovers

On stage: performing (guitar, percussion, laptop trickery), DJing

Backstage: live sound, PA.

In the office: marketing music, music contract analysis, spotting/developing talent, copyright advice and consultancy

In the classroom: lecturing/teaching on all of the above at Northbrook College Sussex: writing/developing courses relevant to the changing needs of the music sector: I run the BA Music Business and Management Degree at Northbrook, and act as external examiner at Leeds Metropolitan University

At music conventions: I organised three panels at The Great Escape 2010 on Digital Marketing for Music, The Legal Panel and the JAMES panel on education and getting studio jobs.

View my website http://twitter.com/mikepailthorpe

My Location

Happy Vibes Towers

PO Box 1345
Worthing, West Sussex
BN14 7FB

Telephone: 07906 831 291
Email: mike@happyvibes.co.uk
Website: http://twitter.com/mikepailthorpe

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My Friends

Box Projects / Music Production & Sound Design

We Box Projects / Music Production & Sound Designproduce music and sound for Television, Radio, New-media and anyone else in need of some noise.