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Mikron Theatre Co. / News / Wed 10 Mar 2021

We're planning to tour

We're planning to tour

Great news from Mikron HQ
We're tour booking as we type!
For the first time in nearly a year, we have multiple phone lines in full use, and our wonderful venues are happy to be hosting us once again.

We’re planning to start touring in June and we promise to let you all know as soon as we can how to book seats.
At the moment all our venues are outdoor.
This may change as the year progresses. We will, of course, keep in touch.

Our priority is to keep you and the Mikron team safe, and to avoid any uncertainty, we’ll be operating a booking system for every show on our website or by phone.
Yes that’s right, EVERY Mikron performance will require advance booking.

We'll still be offering 'Pay What You Feel' on the majority of our shows.

Marianne is officially certified after attending the UK Theatre ‘Managing Covid-19 Safely’ course in February. We're drawing on the expert knowledge and recommendations of the course leader to put together a venue-by-venue plan.

These restrictions will reduce our tour dates by a third, and our capacity at each venue by at least 50%. If we can weather another difficult year, we'll hopefully back with a bang for our 50th birthday celebrations in 2022.

For more information visit https://mikron.org.uk/appeal

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