I am constantly inspired by the colours, patterns and textures of nature. It could be a piece of wool caught on some wire or the colours and shapes of bracken in autumn that provide the foundations for a piece of work. I love the way that the ever changing light can create a different mood within seconds.

My work normally goes in one of two directions, mixed media or abstracted landscapes.
That being said; I am currently studying for a Foundation Degree and this is making me push my work in new and different directions. I am enjoying this time to be experimental.
For mixed media I use a variety of techniques from weaving, stitching and fusing to painting and dyeing to produce a body of work that is rich in colour and texture.

My landscape works are very much based on colours and shapes and energies, rather than accuracy.

I am constantly seeking out new techniques and ideas, never afraid to push the boundaries of what should or shouldn't be!

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