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The Friends of Brixham Theatre was formed in 2008 by a group of like minded individuals who were concerned that Brixham Theatre was under-used and was falling into disrepair. This group later re-named itself as Brixham Arts and Theatre Society (BATS), with a wider remit to support the arts in the Brixham area.

BATS made an agreement with Torbay Council, then owners of Brixham Theatre to take on its management from 2010, until the building was transferred to Brixham Town Council. Before being granted a tenancy for Brixham Theatre in September 2013, the community group became Brixham Arts & Theatre Society, a non-profit making company, limited by guarantee.

The current Directors are Cecilia Potten and Suzy Miles and the Company Secretary is Olive Farnham.

The Company Mission is to support and encourage artistic endeavour in the Brixham peninsula.


Encouraging existing artistic groups
Supporting new artistic ventures
Promoting artistic aspirations
Developing artistic opportunities for all generations
Creating arts, theatre and community hubs in Brixham

BATS is operated on a purely voluntary basis, by the BATS Members, with professional technicians contracted as required. All surplus funds are used to enhance the professional programmes available and specific artistic projects, including fostering new writing and creation, in the Brixham area.

BATS operated Brixham Theatre from September 2013 to May 2018, when the ever increasing overheads, including a 50% increase in rent, and dimishing hirings made the theatre unviable and BATS Board handed back the lease under the break clause.

For the future, BATS will continue to support exciting new projects that advance the arts and culture in Brixham and the surrounding area. This will mean that, on occasions, BATS will still be staging professional arts events at a variety of venues around Torbay.

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