Mrs C L Reaney

Mrs C L Reaney Teacher/Printmaker/Chef

Teacher and printmaker- and a lover of all things creative. I deliver workshops which are good for: learning a new skill, building on previously taught skills, well being and team building. I am also a chef and am able to teach small groups cooking in schools. I am happy to deliver staff insets, well being staff meetings, training and CPD sessions in Art. If your headteacher or company needs persuading to the huge benefits of delivering a rich Art curriculum - don't hesitate to get in touch.

If your School Development Plan is trying to promote higher order questioning, develop analytical thinking and improve children's self esteem, then it is my firm belief that Art is the way to achieve these things.

I am available to help facilitate and run Art weeks, come into schools and run bespoke Art projects which fit with the National Curriculum. I can also help organise a school Art exhibition and put up meaningful and creative displays of work which include questions, appropriate wording and the relevant skills - making the most of children's artwork.

I can also help advise on how to make meaningful links with other subjects and Art so as to maximise both subjects.
So, whether its advice or practical workshops in Art or cooking - contact me

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Telephone: 07377 689 095

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