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MAK is a not for profit UK organisation campaigning to reduce the number of knife crime in the UK and to encourage the use of expression through music.


To encourage young people to express themselves through music and not violence.
To reduce the amount of people in the UK carrying knives
To raise the profile of and funds for community based projects that encourage expression through music

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Music Against Knives (MAK) are hosting a series of music events across the UK throughout 2009-2010. We are always happy to hear from bands, artists, promoters and venues who would like to become involved in MAK events please email us:

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Music Against Knives / Fri 16 Oct 2009

The campaign Music Against Knives will be visiting Torbay on Friday 16th October 2009. We will be visiting 2/3 schools and running an Under 18 club night called 'UrbanFusion' in the nightclub Bohemia in Torquay. The eve...