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BASSment – New offer for young people in Huddersfield

BASSment – New offer for young people in Huddersfield

BASSment – New offer for young people in Huddersfield

By Antonia Fieldhouse, February 2020
Journalism Student, The University of Huddersfield

Since their opening in 2013, BASSment studios have become a staple for night life in Huddersfield. What draws so many people in, myself included, is the venues dedication to always bringing the best acts, line ups and events to Huddersfield… it really is all about the music.

Throughout the years, the venues commitment to music has meant that they not only provide great night life, but also services wherein creatives can utilise the studio, using its resources to practice production, rehearse or even record their own music. Not only this though, but they also offer tutoring sessions with DJ and producer Shaun Dean, and music business tutor Sarah Hutton under their service “Unplugged”.

For the most part, these services are aimed towards young people aged 18 and above, however the venue is taking steps towards creating services for those who are slightly younger. Through the Kirklees Youth Alliance, a service aimed towards providing activities for young people throughout Kirklees, members of staff, including owner Jake Burdass, are working towards qualifications in youth support which will make it possible for their resources to be available to teenagers of all ages.

I sat down with Jake to discuss what these qualifications meant for BASSment in the future. During the interview, Jake mentioned how that it is all part of an ongoing plan for younger people wishing to learn more about music, and in terms of the qualification, this will help the venue to ensure that they are correctly safeguarding throughout this process. What Jake hopes is that opening up Basement’s resources, such as equipment and the unplugged service, to kids will allow for them to have an early introduction to music in the face of adversity, with many music based courses being stripped from school and college curriculum's. As well as allowing for kids to utilise the facilities at BASSment, Jake also hopes to provide summer schools, to not only provide music education, but to give children in the community something productive and worthwhile to do over summer.

Hopefully, these plans all work out for the best, as they are sure to be of great value to young people in the Kirklees area, and will further consolidate BASSment’s reputation as a pivotal part of the music community in West Yorkshire.

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