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BASSment Podcast - Student Article

BASSment Podcast - Student Article

The Industry Discussed: BASSments podcast
By Antonia Fieldhouse 01/07/2020

Since February, Jake Burdass from BASSment Studios has hosted an educational and entertaining podcast, bringing you professionals from all corners of the music industry for important conversations about the trade.

In keeping with their roots, the podcast focuses heavily on the music industry in West Yorkshire, featuring artists from the area such as rapper Skott 3ree and DJ Q, and delves into everything from the artists histories to how the internet has helped them develop their careers.

Not only does the podcast feature musical artists, it also features other members of the industry such as record labels like The Bridge, graphic designers, and teachers, exploring the aspects of the music business that may not otherwise come into the spotlight. The third episode of the podcast is one that does this in a great way. This episode features Sarah Hutton, who previously taught music business at Kirklees College, and plays a pivotal part in BASSments own business as a tutor for BASSment unplugged. In the episode, Sarah discusses how the industry has developed, her history as a teacher of music business, and anecdotes about the founding members of BASSment and how they built their business up from being students, to the present day. What is noteworthy about this episode is that it shows the music industry to be much more than just business, but that it is also a community.

Whilst the events side of BASSment can’t currently operate, the guys at BASSment have proven with their podcast that they are an all-rounder in the industry that can’t be stopped, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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If you would like to support BASSment further, links to their patreon, website (where you can book for studio and tutoring sessions) and social media platforms will be posted below.


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