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Kirklees Year of Music 2023 - How your group can get involved

Kirklees Year of Music 2023 - How your group can get involved

As part of Kirklees Council’s commitment to cultural development in the district, we have plans in place that we need your help with and particularly for our Year of Music in 2023. This will be a year-long celebration of the rich, diverse music of the district – past and present. We want to showcase the broad range of musical talent, participation and expertise in the area that embeds Kirklees as a place of music.

On behalf of Kirklees Council, we would like to invite your members to attend an online presentation on the “Year of Music 2023”.

We will be running three sessions aimed at brass bands, choirs, all other community music groups–

Monday 22nd March 7-8pm Choirs

Tuesday 23rd March 7-8pm Brass Bands

Wednesday 24th March 7-8pm all other Community Music Groups

The 45 minute presentation will focus on “Why the Year of Music” and how your group can get involved in shaping the programme pre and post 2023.

Why we want your input:

The Year of Music 2023 needs the support of our brass bands, choirs and local community music groups to help us shine a spotlight our rich musical heritage. We also want to understand how we can support recovery from the current pandemic. Through helping set up new partnerships we aim to build a sustainable model that goes beyond a visual spectacle of festivals, concerts and events, but feeds aspirations amongst our young people, signposts vulnerable and isolated adults across the community of Kirklees into groups that may include volunteering opportunities, local choirs and employment opportunities in addition for information being provided on further training, educational offers and resources on how Music improves wellbeing etc.

Please follow one of the links above to book your place and if you cannot make the date for your area of music, do feel free to attend any of the events.


Kirklees Council has committed to deliver a Year of Music in 2023 as part of Leeds 2023 - a Year of Culture for Leeds and the wider region. This session will be an introduction to the Year of Music and how local Community Music Groups can help showcase music in Kirklees.

Kirklees is a district of world class music that stands proud on its rich and diverse musical heritage. Music is the beat of our heart, it is the sound of our communities and it is the pulse of our towns and villages. Kirklees is a place where everyone can hear world class music through our festivals and programming; where children and young people have access to world class musical experiences and education; and where the next generation of musicians and music professionals can build and sustain a high-quality career, with access to the very best industry advice, career opportunities and performance routes.

2023 will be a year where this vision comes to life, where residents are able to enjoy the richness and diversity of music today, inclusive of all genres, all communities and in all forms. Our Year of Music will give opportunity and space to encounter new and traditional music, where you will be invited to be part of a community that lives and loves music.

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