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University Student composers snapped up for TV music

University Student composers snapped up for TV music

Music plays a major role in even the smallest television programme – now the University has linked with major music library The Nerve to offer Huddersfield’s young student composers a chance to hit the big time.

FROM tense crime documentaries to cheerful cookery shows, music plays a big role in setting the scene for countless TV productions. This means plentiful opportunities for versatile composers such as students at the University of Huddersfield who are studying music and sound for the screen.

This equips them to create “library music” or “production music” – short tracks conveying a wide range of moods. When it catches the ear of TV producers, the music can be used in programmes that are screened around the world, meaning a valuable income stream.

Now, Huddersfield students have forged a link with a major new player in the field, a music library called The Nerve, backed by leading members of the TV, music and creative industries.

The result is that two students, Jack Williams and Abbie Howard, have been given the opportunity to record albums of their music, so that they will join The Nerve’s network of 100 composers.

Also, a further 11 Huddersfield students will have their music featured on a compilation album. They will receive a commission as and when TV producers buy their tracks.

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