James Mabbett

James Mabbett Napoleon IVth / Napoleon IIIrd

James Mabbett is a composer, musician, producer and sound artist.

Releasing music and touring internationally as Napoleon IIIrd, his music is a rich tangle of sounds, experimental soundscapes and joyous melodies - www.napoleoniiird.com

As a sound artist, he produces large scale sound installations and delivers experimental music workshops - www.napoleonivth.com

Alongside all of this James also provides score for film and composes for large ensemble.

View my website http://www.napoleonivth.com/

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Sound Document - Leeds Central LibrarySound Document - Leeds Central Library

On the 26th and 27th September 2015 we took over Leeds Central Library. The survival of our libraries relies upon your support……. Traditionally silent places, this installation challenged the notion of a library as...