Neil Maya The Neil Maya Quartet

The Neil Maya Quartet is one of the Southwest’s most exciting and talented bands, whose aim is to find fresh, new sounds within the wide scope of jazz whilst staying accessible to the public at large. As well as playing innovative re-workings of jazz standards and material by other composers, the band also plays its own compositions.

The Neil Maya Quartet is often rooted in the sounds of the cool jazz movement of the 50’s and 60’s, but loves playing other styles such as funk, samba, African and even folk rock. The quartet is always striving to find different ways to deliver jazz and although the soloing aspect is central to its approach, in a similar way to classical compositions, its music often tells a story which takes you on a journey across a wide and rich emotional landscape. The quartet’s music is crisp, colourful, sassy, smooth, atmospheric, intricate, cool, very imaginative and always highly entertaining!

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Big Girl Funk Machine Sample

The first minute of this song. Further tracks can be sampled at the quartet's website: or bought on iTunes: