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Nick Foster The Photo Restoration Co.

Nick Foster has over 20 years experience as a photographer, covering weddings, portrait shoots and events. His attention to detail in post processing his photos is key to this new venture - The Photo Restoration Co.

Photo Restoration - It all started when Nick was tasked with collecting, scanning and cataloguing his family photos passed down through generations some of which clearly needed work. As the mountain of work grew he found he was restoring photographs for friends, and then friends of friends. Digitally removing creases, folds, scratches, pen marks and water damage. Even reconstructing long lost details from scratch and bringing almost lost, faded photographs back to life.

Photo Colourisation - His first attempt at hand colouring a photograph received such incredible feedback it now accounts for more than 50% of his workload - likely helped by Ancestry’s latest ad campaign which shows black and white images being bought to life by the same process. Years spent working with light and colour shows in the finished product. Details missed by the untrained eye - from the warmth of light cast from a low sun to the numerous different colours and shades that make up a skin tone most will think of as just pink. Nick brings a realism to his photo colourisations that other companies seem to miss.

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