Nocci is a free network for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industries. We run very relaxed social and networking events to allow our members to meet up in a friendly environment.

Nocci is for designers, musicians, creatives, thinkers, developers, doers, writers, DJs, gamers, architects, academics, digital gurus and anyone else who feels they fit outside the mainstream of business.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs in the creative industries are faced with unique problems and are often not supported as well as many other types of business. They don't always fit into the usual networking events that see countless middle aged men in suits thrust business cards at each other whilst reciting their elevator pitch for the 17th time in 17 minutes.

Nocci organises relaxed events to bring these people together to discuss, support and hopefully forge one or two brilliant new alliances. We encourage the wearing of jeans and t-shirts and you should only feel you have to talk about business if you want to!

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