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OurGlass design and produce an innovative range of studio glassware using traditional glassblowing techniques. Situated within the original stableyard adjacent to Cockington Court, the OurGlass studio is open every day, all year round.

The Danny Cooke documentary has been released. This film chronicles OurGlass, Cockington Court's Studio Glassblowers since 1997. "OurGlass of Cockington"

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OurGlass of Cockington / <span >Wed 06 Apr 2011</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2014-04-06T00:00:00Z">Sun 06 Apr 2014</span> <span>(3 years)</span>OurGlass of Cockington / Wed 06 Apr 2011 to Sun 06 Apr 2014 (3 years)

Danny Cooke's fascinating documentary. This film chronicles OurGlass; Cockington Court's Studio Glassmakers since 1997.

The Ammonite Vase / Sun 07 to Sun 14 Dec 2008 (1 week)

The limited edition, mixed media Ammonite Vase has become a real enigma piece! Science (differentials in expansion coefficients etc) would not normally allow this work to exist. Mark Tranter (BA Hons) of OurGlass develop...