OurGlass / Events / Sun 07 to Sun 14 Dec 2008 (1 week)

The Ammonite Vase

The limited edition, mixed media Ammonite Vase has become a real enigma piece!
Science (differentials in expansion coefficients etc) would not normally allow this work to exist.
Mark Tranter (BA Hons) of OurGlass developed his vision with traditional Blacksmith Rex Latham and, together, created the Ammonite Vase. From an artistic perspective, the piece explores and challenges Darwinian Evolution juxtaposed with elements of stunning organic beauty.
We are convinced there are no other examples of this kind.
For further details, visit our studios at Cockington Court or click on the link provided

For more information visit http://www.ourglasscockington.com/The-Ammonite-Vase

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