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PaddleBoat Theatre Company PaddleBoat Theatre Company

PaddleBoat Theatre Company believe that theatre is a space where imagination is brought to life.

Born from the vibrant cities of Exeter and Bristol, PaddleBoat Theatre Company comprises of five University of Exeter drama graduates. We are committed to delivering high-quality productions and workshops for children and families across the South-West. PaddleBoat believe in theatre which engages with the young minds of tomorrow – as well as reminding every adult that they too can rediscover their own imaginations.

PaddleBoat’s creative team blend passions for storytelling, live music, object play, physical theatre and unbounded imagination. Our distinctive storybook-sets create a world where every object holds the potential to share a story. With playful and engaging audience interaction, we invite our audiences into a space where performers and audience members alike embark on journeys, create adventures and get lost in magical worlds together.

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