Palace Theatre Paignton

Palace Theatre Paignton / Events / Fri 29 to Sat 30 Sep 2017 (2 days)

Merely Theatre with Romeo & Juliet

Merely Theatre with Romeo & Juliet

People call it ‘Sweaty Shakespeare’.

A genderblind company of five actors ‘explode with energy’ all around you. Audiences share ‘delighted laughter’ alongside ‘pin-drop silences’. We give you text that is ‘delightfully easy to understand’, ‘vibrant and alive’. Characters that are ‘poignant’, ‘moving’, and ‘shockingly funny’. Shows that are ‘bare and in your face’, full of ‘resourcefulness and invention’.

Producing Shakespeare that is as ‘relevant’ and ‘understandable as it was when it was first written’, making the theatre ‘resonate with life’.

*all quotes from reviews and audience members.

ROMEO AND JULIET: Fighting for love in a world defined by hate. Hot-blooded, feuding families become trapped in a spiral of passionate and violent outbursts, until they are forced to confront the many faces of love and loss. Merely Theatre present Shakespeare’s most tragic romance in a production that resonates with extremes of emotion.

> 29th September (evening) and 30th September (matinee)

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