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Odette Adams

Odette Adams

Odette spent four years travelling the world, paying her way by working as a singer on cruise ships. Using her free time on those long voyages to concentrate on her playing and writing, she returned from her travels with a collection of songs which form her debut album, “A Shake Of The Hand”. Odette’s travels have fundamentally influenced the sound of her music. These songs do not sit entirely in any particular genre, but sound very confident where they are.

Like any songwriter, her material brings together elements of the external world and her own internal world. Her diverse musical influences contribute many facets to her music, together with her appreciation for the silence from which music is born. Passionate about inner well-being, Odette’s songs are fresh, uplifting and ‘sun-kissed’, to quote Clive Davis – The Sunday Times.

Odette Adams is an experienced lead vocalist, backing vocalist, session singer, choir leader and vocal arranger. She has worked in theatre, festivals, corporate events, private functions and numerous recording studios. Her live sessions have include working with Tony Hadley, Rick Astley, Carol Decker, Roland Gift and Heather Small.

Odette embarked on the recording process in early 2013 at the studio of producer Philip Taylor. They decided at the outset that the album needed to sound fresh and immediate, and above all leave all the space needed for her unique and dynamic vocal arrangements. Percussion instruments take the place of drums on all but a couple of tracks, providing an ever-changing backdrop to acoustic guitars, upright bass and cameos from instruments such as sitar, trumpet and flugelhorn.

Odette and her producer resolved that what should come across are songs ‘wearing something comfortable’ rather than songs subjected to ‘production’. To create something timeless was the aim, and that is what “Shake Of The Hand” achieves.

​Odette and her 5-piece band have taken many festivals and jazz venues by storm including, Fleece Jazz, Whitby Musicport Festival, Wigan Jazz Festival, Pizza Express in Dean Street, Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club.

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