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Pat Fulgoni / News / Mon 12 Oct 2020

Yorkshire Live article. Pat Fulgoni / Music Venue Trust

Yorkshire Live article. Pat Fulgoni / Music Venue Trust

Tony Earnshaw's local news article on campaigning to save local music venues and the music business from destruction. 7 October 2020.

The charity Music Venue Trust (MVT) is urging the government to do more to support those "grassroots" spaces that have traditionally provided a home for musicians to perform. Huddersfield musician Pat Fulgoni says all town's live music venues are under threat and believes the "government wouldn’t mind if culture became just the hobby of the well-resourced and affluent"

The combination of Covid-19 and government inaction will "finish off" many bands, labels and venues. He called the situation "plain daft" and said that it would stymie the emergence of new talent in a country that still "waves the Beatles flag" to promote musical excellence to the world. He said: "If we are not careful loads of venues and clubs will be shut and most likely turned into luxury flats. You can see this a mile off, especially in the cities where they are often in a prime position. ....

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