My love of wood stems from well before I turned my first bowl whilst at school and has spanned my working life, with the enforced opportunity of early retirement in South Devon allowing woodturning skills to develop. I produce a diverse range of items from both freshly felled and well-seasoned timber, and enjoy experimenting, so much of my work is built up by laminating contrasting or complementary timbers.

Wherever possible wood is reclaimed, with discarded furniture, timber from building work, offcuts from larger woodworkers, together with fallen timber, all being common sources. Reclaimed wood often has unique features, some might say defects, such as rusty nail holes and so forth, which all add to the interest. On the rare occasions when new wood is purchased, it is always from renewable sources.

In addition to selling on-line, you will often find me at various craft fairs, and also demonstrating at Pennywell Farm during school holidays, with children taking away small items.

I love to take on a challenge, so commissions are welcome.

Thank you for looking.

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