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Race to Harbour

Race to Harbour

Race for Harbour
Mixed media on Canvas: acrylic paint, aluminium leaf, white gold leaf
£245 (postage costs tbc)

The journey from my home in Torquay to my studio in Brixham takes me past many spectacular views of the bay. I always look out for the sailing boats and old trawlers, especially if they have colourful sails. Each summer there are races and regattas galore, a beautiful and exciting sight that has inspired this piece.

The focal point of this painting is the Brixham Trawler, BM76, as it is often seen around the harbour. A fine symbol of the place that I live, work and love.

A medley of techniques were used to accomplish this painting, using some of my foundation skills in marbling and faux finishing from my degree in Restoration and Decorative Studies, as well as gilding and pallet knife techniques.)

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