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Scott Daniels' interview with BBC Radio Devon

Hear Scott Daniels, ex-student of Plymouth College of Art interviewed by Gordon Sparks on BBC Radio Devon about his Co.Lab exhibition at the Viewpoitn Gallery.

Co.Lab, the title for Daniels first solo exhibition promises to be both interactive and ‘collaborative’. The exhibition title refers to three words that define the artwork and viewing experience:

Scott Daniels is an emerging artist who has recently returned to Plymouth after studying Fine Art at University College Falmouth. His work sets out to involve his audience directly in the process of ‘finishing’ the artwork – creating a situation where the viewer becomes a participant. Parts of the installation are triggered into life when viewers pass through the space; others are an invitation to the audience to make their ‘mark’ on the work.

The active role that audience members take is both creative and destructive – a new ‘shredder’ work begins to produce ‘waste’ as a result of viewing – perhaps instilling a sense of responsibility in viewers.

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