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'Painting for Well-being' workshops with Puy Soden

'Painting for Well-being' workshops with Puy Soden

Puy's ‘Painting for Well-being’ workshops take place at The Wesley Centre, Almondbury Methodist Church, Huddersfield, HD5 8XJ, on the first Wednesday of each month, 2-4pm.

For adults of ALL levels of experience. Beginners especially welcome!

Relax and immerse yourself in simple, easy painting activities led by an experienced artist-educator.

Give yourself two hours of self-care and mindfulness as you focus on the materials and the process.
Make creative discoveries for yourself as you let go of any concerns about ‘what’ to paint.

Be present and just enjoy the paint.

If you’d like to book or to find out more, please email me: puysoden@gmail.com or call me on 07940240321

The workshop dates for 2022 are:

2nd February
2nd March
6th April
4th May
1st June
6th July
3rd August
7th September
5th October
2nd November
7th December

Website: www.puysoden.com
Instagram: puysoden

For more information visit http://www.puysoden.com/

Event Location

Almondbury Methodist Church

The Wesley Centre
Almondbury Methodist Church

Telephone: 07940 240 321
Email: puysoden@gmail.com
Website: http://www.puysoden.com/

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