After working for other people part time during my teens and the 2 years I spent at Elam School of Fine Arts. Auckland University. I left uni and my part time jobs in 2003 deciding to establish myself as an independent artist and moved to Queenstown. I subsidised my art career by baking and selling muffins on the street every morning and have never looked back. There's something so exciting and empowering about working for yourself. I create art that appeal's to those who love life, colour and enjoy being in a world where playfulness and imagination are valued.

I'm a contemporary artist, my romantic themes contemplate the passing of time, blending together a mixture of eclectic vintage sensibilities with modern atmospherics. My work is a witty and engaging style of painting, intelligently conceived with a comedic twist. Light and carefree, bold and immediate, each Rachael Foster piece is distinctive and innately feminine.

The colder months give me isolation to focus and the paints a longer sweet spot to work with, blend and orchestrate. And yes, I use a brush with bristles. The pained and worn subject matter are suited with the resonance of my studio, charmed with the mystique of wintery folk, alternating between the serene and the quietly devastating.

I spent most of my 20s 
taking frequent adventures off-the-beaten-track to exotic parts of the world sourcing inspiration, maturing, and building an appreciation of what New Zealand is and what we represent. 
My playful inventiveness has helped me develop a brand that is fresh and cheeky; one which has been embraced both in NZ and abroad. Correspondingly, those that appreciate my work range from motorcycle adventurers to vintners to gynecologists.

I put emphasis on high quality materials, workmanship and ensure that printed works are limited edition. I accept commissioned work and deliver internationally.

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Wakefield Studios
Station Road

Telephone: 07585 320 247

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