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Reclamation Gent The Reclamation Gent Presents The Loft

The team at The Reclamation are creating the Ultimate Destination for Community and Creativity.

Since beginning the business at the start of 2019, we have already grown and our team create beautifully made hand crafted bespoke furniture, signage and rooms (indoors and outdoors).

The Reclamation Gent is now working towards our Vision of creating a community, a hub, a showcase of local traders in our newest Project ‘The Loft’. 24 Local Traders will get the chance to display their original work for people to come and marvel, while eating cake and drinking coffee at our Cafe - Sweet Caffeine.

Another exciting addition to The Loft will be 4 classrooms providing workshops again by local traders and pop up shops/ services
If you or any artistic crafty friends are looking for a place to shine and show off your creations/ business, please get in touch and lets create something fantastic

We can’t wait to see you there

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Reclamation Gent

The Crescent, Doncaster

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The Reclamation Gent Presents The LoftThe Reclamation Gent Presents The Loft

The Reclamation Gent is creating 'The Loft' with Cafe - a 3000 ft Showcase/Retail Space, where local traders will be able to display their creations. We aim to make the space a hub of community and creativity. Ready to g...