Rich Spicer

Rich Spicer AADHD creative coach and artist

Hi. I'm an artist and life coach living in East Preston Nr Littlehampton.

I have worked as an artist for 20 years and became qualified as a transformational life coach in 2016. I'm also credentialed with the ICF

I have a broad range of experience coaching various individuals and front line employees and now wish to work with creatives living and working with the symptoms of ADHD. Just as I do.

My approach is very collaborative with the idea of developing a creative space where I can help clients set goals and develop strategies to achieve them. My approach is solution focused and I hope that working with a coach who understands the challenges first hand is beneficial to my clients and their search for solutions.

I hope to develop my offering to include a coaching space combined with a studio that my clients and I can move around in with various props and tools to help the process.

Working with me is a long commitment and I commit to being fully focused on the needs of my clients during our sessions. I personally invest in each person I help.

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East Preston

10 Arlington Crescent
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 1DL

Telephone: 07817 838 526

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