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Richard Shaw / Opportunities / Fri 23 Oct 2015

Paddock Community Halloween Party and Giant Puppet Parade

Paddock Community Halloween Party and Giant Puppet Parade

I'm organising a community Halloween event, which will run from around 6-8pm (exact time TBC), on Friday 30th October at Paddock Village Hall.

The event will hopefully include a disco, refreshments, games and other entertainment, culminating in a parade around the streets of Paddock (I will be making a giant parade puppet at the youth club where I volunteer).

I'm looking for people to help run the event. Health and safety is my primary concern, so I need stewards and ideally someone with first aid training. I also need people to man stalls and games, do face painting etc.

I'd also love someone to come in and tell a spooky story to the kids, or do some sort of performance - I'm open to ideas.

As I'm organising and potentially funding this myself, these will all be voluntary roles. However, in return I will provide written references and would be happy to do some sort of work for you for free in return!

If you're interested in helping in any please get in touch as soon as possible.
Richard Shaw.

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Paddock Village Hall


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